With the weather a little changeable this week things have been quite at the club.

On Wednesday the ladies held the Sanderson Cup. The winner was Erica Porteous with a fine 71.

Alas due to the lack of entries the gents open 4BBB was cancelled on Sunday and was played internally instead. The winners on the day were Brian Porteous & David Nielsen with a 70.

Also on Sunday our present club champion, Alex Long played in the Brotherstone Scratch Trophy at Dumfries & County. I’m pleased to report that in his second 18 Alex shot a 1 under par scratch score. A noteable result for a player from our small club.

The Week Ahead

Wednesday 26th July – Ladies Harebell Trophy Round 2. Main Tee off 10am.

Sunday 30th July – Gents Kenbridge Trophy (foursommes) & Daily Mail Foursommes Qualifier. Draw for partners 11:45am.