Guidelines for Participation in Adult Club Competitions

1. Any junior member may play in any club competition, which is specifically designated for all members (i.e. opening Day, captains Day, Closing Day).
2. Any junior member granted permission to play in senior competitions will be expected to continue to play in junior competitions and will play at least two thirds of these.
3. All junior members are eligible to enter the club championship.
4. Junior members with a handicap Boys 20 & Girls 28 or less will be eligible to compete in all senior competitions with the approval of the committee and provided that they pay the required entry fee. They will not however be allowed to compete in the two’s competition which is regarded as gambling and therefore anyone under the age of eighteen ineligible.
5. Approval to play in senior competitions in accordance with section (4) may be withdrawn at anytime by the committee should the junior’s behaviour on the course be deemed inappropriate.
6. The junior convenor can from time to time recommend to the committee juniors who he or she considers are showing promise and would benefit from being allowed to participate in some senior competitions. These juniors would be allowed to play in the following competitions for experience only and would not be required to pay an entry fee.


● Milner Cup
●  Brown Cup
● Presidents Putter
● Shepley Shepley – Round 1
● Shepley Shepley – Round 2
● Mac Robert Cup
● Monthly Medal


● Centenary Cup
● Mary Burkinshaw Putter
● Shipley Trophy
● Cobblers Cup
● Baird-Smith Eclectic
● Monthly Medal

7. All junior members playing in senior competitions will be expected to take part in the main draw for the com-petition, the times of which are indicated in the fixture list and in the changing rooms.
8. Should there be sufficient junior members participating in senior competitions for experience only, a junior order of merit will be organised by the convenor with a prize being awarded to the winner at the end of the season.

Junior Charter

New Galloway Golf Club is committed to the encouragement of junior golf as stated in the in objective two of the clubs constitution: “To promote and encourage the sport of golf in the community”.
New Galloway Golf Club is also committed to the protection of the junior members of the club (Creating a Safe Environment in Golf for Children) and has introduced a child protection policy, (Copies in changing rooms and are also available from the club secretary).
In an effort to promote and encourage junior participation in golf the following guidelines apply:
1. Junior members include both boys and girls and are deemed to have equal status.
2. Junior membership shall not be restricted, except in the unlikely event that the committee deem it necessary to restrict overall membership.
3. A junior convener shall be appointment annually. He or She shall on behalf of the committee institute and arrange stroke and match play competitions and practise sessions for the benefit of junior and prospective members of the club. He or She, if not a member of the club committee, may attend meetings to discuss and consider all matters relating to junior golf.
4. Junior members will be encouraged to play in competitions arranged for them both at the club and other golf clubs. Prizes will be awarded as per the entry fees collected for competitions. The committee will also set aside funds and accept donations for the benefit of junior members.
5. The junior convenor will encourage members of the junior section to participate in the running of the junior section. A junior captain may also be elected by the junior members with the guidance of the junior convenor.
6. The course will be available for junior competitions as directed by the main committee.
7. Junior members will be encouraged to make use of the practise facilities provided by the club especially when they are learning to play and thereby avoid unduly damaging the course. Junioi members will have the same privileges of use of the practise area as any other member.
8. Tuition and coaching will be offered to all junior members as and when arranged.
9. Junior members will be encouraged to dress in a neat and tidy manner. All members are asked to observe proper standards of dress both on the course and in the clubhouse. Torn denim jeans, beach or running shorts and sleeveless T-shirts are not considered acceptable.
10. Junior members will be advised of and will be expected to observe the etiquette of the game. They will be expected to be polite and courteous to other junior members, senior members and visitors to the club.
11. Junior members may play in adult competitions in accordance with the guidelines set out in this charter.