Seniors Section

The Senior Section meets every Thursday from the end of September to mid April.  Ladies and Gents are welcome.
A 15 hole Stableford League competition is held where the player with the best 6 scores over the season wins the Brown Cup.  The runner up is awarded the Trophy. Each month there is a another format of competition such as a scramble.
We have three away days at other courses where we play for a 36 and 18 hole trophies. We play a match with Kirkcudbright EGGS annually.
In May we have a 3 day trip to the Borders organised by Dave Nielsen.

22nd September 2022 Roddie Hermon Cup
23 rd March 1st Round of 36 Hole Trophy at Home
15th December Christmas Lunch abandomed
16th February Alan Walker Trophy
2nd March 18 Hole Trophy at Glenluce
30th March Second Round of 36 Hole Trophy at Dumfries & Galloway
20th April Final League & Lunch
25th September 2023 Match v Kirkcudbright EGGS Away
28th September 2023 Roddie Hermon Cup
5th October 2023 9 Hole competition and AGM

New Galloway Golf Club Seniors’ Section Annual Meeting 2022

New Galloway Golf Club Seniors’ Section Annual Meeting 2022.

Minutes of the meeting held in the clubhouse on Thursday 6th October 2022, commencing at 9.30 a.m.

Present: Dave Aitken, Brian Duguid, Jackie Duguid, Terry Haine, Ian McCulloch, Wave Tyrrell, Ronnie Ritchie, Stuart Rhodes, Rex Dressler, Elena Rogers, Les Rogers, Derek Shipley, Ashley Turgoose, John Lynch, and Nigel Sanders.

1. Dave Aitken, our Convenor, welcomed members to the meeting and thanked Jackie and Wave for their services to the Seniors Section.
2. Apologies: Mike Jackson, Brian Porteous, Erica Porteous Ian Mcllvenna Janette Davidson and Elizabeth Kelly.
3. The minutes of the last AGM held on 7th October 2021 were accepted.
4. Treasurer’s Report: Jackie Duguid presented a healthy set of accounts for the last year. We started the year with a balance of £486.79 and finished with £318.64. Subscriptions totalled £420 and £335 was paid to winners to our competitions.
5. Christmas Lunch: To be held in the clubhouse on 15th December.
6. Away Days: The plan is for the first away day will be held around 27th October at Southeness to be arranged by Elena for the first round of the 36 Hole Trophy. Glenluce for the 18 hole trophy on 9th March and the second round of the 36 hole trophy at Powfoot on 30th March.
7. Office Bearers: Dave Aitken elected as Convenor, Wave Tyrrell elected as Secretary and Jackie Duguid Treasurer.
8. Format: As last year with leagues and a team game in most months
9. Tee Times: The return to having a draw at 9.30 was well supported.
10. Competition Fees: A £20 Subscription introduced last year was well supported and will carry on.
11. Competitions: To be played off yellow tees. The first being a par 4 for all and the fifth being a par 5 for the Ladies. Preferred lies to be applied for the whole season. Competitors divided into two divisions for prizes.
12. League: A points system to be adopted for the league with 10 points for the winner, 9 points for second and so on. Each winner will lose one shot rather than 2 as previously.
13. Pars: The first to be par 4 for all and the Fifth par 5 for the Ladies.
14. Gimmies: Gimmies are not to be taken in all Seniors competitions. Very strong opinions were expressed that gimmies should not be tolerated.
15. Match: Our match against Kircudbright EGGS has been arranged for 25th September 2023 to be played at home.
16. Rules: Two rules relating to animal damage and the option to take a 2 stroke penalty on the fairway when a players ball has not been found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds should a provisional ball not been played to be introduced.
17. Borders Trip: Discussions to take place.

New Galloway Seniors Rules

1. Handicapping
A player’s handicap for the whole season is set using the handicap index in force on the 1st October. In the league only, the winner of each competition will have his or her handicap reduced by 1 shot.
2. Seniors’ League
The player with the best six points total over the season shall be the winner. The winner of each league with the lowest score will be awarded 10 points. Players with the same stableford score will be awarded the same points. Points for each league will be awarded all the way down to 1 point.
The first hole is a par 4 for Ladies & Gents. The fifth Hole is a par 5 for Ladies.
3. Divisions
There are two divisions according to handicap in order that one prize may be awarded to a player in each division.
4. Preferred Lies
Preferred lies apply throughout the Seniors’ season.
5. Damage by Animals
In the general area, areas of damage caused by rabbits or badgers are treated as ground under repair from which relief is allowed under Rule 16.1b. But interference does not exist if the damage only interferes with the player’s stance.
6. Lost Ball / Out of Bounds Relief
When a player’s ball has not been found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds, the player may proceed as follows rather than proceeding under stroke and distance.
For two penalty strokes, the player may take relief by dropping the original ball or another ball in this relief area.
(Summary: this will mean dropping a ball from knee height on the fairway within two club lengths of the edge no nearer the hole and level with where the ball was deemed to be lost. Relief may not be taken when a provisional ball is in play.)