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Who super-glued my right heel down?

Glenkens Salver Greensomes Open 2021

Saturday 4th September

Thanks to everyone who played and who helped organise today’s competition.

A great time was had by all 😃

Summary results

Overall Winners
  1. Gill Warnock & Elizabeth Kelly 83 – 22 = 61 NG
  2. Marion Kay & Louise Piddington 79 – 15 = 64 Cri
  3. Marena McClymont NG & Helena Fox NS 80 – 15 = 65
  4. Janette Davidson & Anne McCarthy 91 – 22 = 69 NG
Front 9 Winners

Lynn Kane & Gillian Rowlinson 34.00 Kbt

Back 9 Winners

Liz Roberts GH & Margaret Stryjewski Kbt 35.50


There were 3 Twos recorded:

  • Elizabeth Kelly & Gill Warnock 4th
  • Marion Kay & Louise Piddington 4th
  • Agnes Watson & Myrtle Watson 4th

Full results


Front 9 Results


Back 9 Results



Muirhead Rosebowl Open 2021

*** Update: The handicaps have now been corrected by HandicapMaster - only two Bronze scores were affected but it does change the Bronze results. Huge apologies to those affected. ***

Full Net Results

Overall Position  Score (Play H’cap) PlacingCountback
Overall Winners      
1Lynn Kane 38 pts (22) Overall Winner 
(Handicap Indexes 0.5 to 20.4)      
4Gillian Rowlinson 34 pts (20) Division 2 – Winner 
7Gill Warnock 33 pts (16) Division 2 – Runner-UpLast Six Holes
8Marena McClymont 33 pts (19) Division 2 – 3rd 
10Linda Walker 32 pts (16)   
13Helena Fox 31 pts (13)   
16Margaret Locke 30 pts (09)   
18Christine McIntosh 28 pts (19)   
20Rosalind Moore 27 pts (21)   
21Kerry Lockerbie 26 pts (17)  Last Nine Holes
22Lynda Robertson 26 pts (11)   
24Yvonne Schneider 24 pts (10)   
27Margaret Stryjewski 23 pts (15)   
28Gladys Kelly 22 pts (17)   
29Janet Patterson 20 pts (20)   
(Handicap Indexes 20.5 to 54.0)      
2Julie Armstrong 35 pts (24) Division 3 – WinnerLast Six Holes
3Janette Davidson 35 pts (23) Division 3 – Runner-Up 
5Elena Rogers 33 pts (21) Division 3 – 3rdLast Nine Holes
6Val Grierson 33 pts (22)  Last Nine Holes
9Erica Porteous 33 pts (23)   
11Isobel Watson 32 pts (28)   
12Heather Inman 31 pts (21)  Last Nine Holes
14Angela Hiddleston 31 pts (27)  Last Nine Holes
15Kay Gillespie 31 pts (25)   
17Laura Anderson 28 pts (22)   
19Fiona McQueen 27 pts (31)   
23Caroline Ironmonger 26 pts (25)   
25Carolyn Greig 24 pts (25)  Last Nine Holes
26Mary Robertson 24 pts (21)   
Kate Howie No Return No Score Recorded 


There were 2 Twos recorded:  
Lynn KaneBronze4
Heather InmanBronze13

Nearest the Pin (4th hole)

Silver: Gill Warnock (NGGC)

Bronze: Lynn Kane (Kbt)

Nearest the Line (8th hole)

Silver: Marena McClymont (NGGC)

Bronze: Kate Howie (S’ness)

Playing Times

During the winter (September to March) we play in a Winter League on Saturdays. We meet up in time to tee off at 10.00. 

We draw for playing order and usually go out groups of 2’s and 3’s.

In summer (March to September) we play on Wednesday mornings – though sometimes a few go out in the afternoon instead. 

We draw for teeing order and start teeing off at 10.00.

We play monthly medals throughout the year – usually the first or second week in the month. 

These are generally in the Max Score format to make them as beginner-friendly as possible.

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Competition Results

We don’t publish our Winter League results online. You can see the latest Winter League results and standings in the Ladies locker room.

Our published results can be found by members on Master Scoreboard. Contact Gill for the password.

New Rules 2019

We held a short session on the new rules of golf introduced for 2019. 

You can see the full official presentation on the Scottish Golf Union (SGU) website: CLICK HERE TO GO TO SGU WEBSITE, or

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Handicap List

Due to the new World Handicap System we can no longer publish the handicap list here.

Rest assured we have a full range of proficiencies in our membership!

Maximum Score Rules

I’ve done a short summary of the specific rules that apply to this format. Click here to see them.