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The 8th, we love it!

Seniors Scramble January 2022

Seniors Scramble January 2022 Congratulations to John, Ronnie, Elizabeth and Brian Porteous on a fine win on a lovely winter day. It was a normal scramble players Gross score net score John Lynch, Ronnie Ritchie, Elizabeth Kelly & Brian Porteous 55 51 Dave Aitken, Rex Dressler & Janette Davidson 56 52 Dave Nielsen, Ian McIlvenna, Erica Porteous & Stuart Rhodes 58 53 Ian Brown, Terry Haine & Jackie Duguid 59 55 Brian Duguid, Ian McCulloch & Marena McClymont 61 56

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Seniors Winter League 7

The 7th Winter Leagues was played on Wednesday 6th January on a bright sunny day. The wind got up for the second half and conditions difficult the frost bound conditions. Dave Aithken won with a great round of 27 points followed by In McIlvenna with 25 points. The majority scored 23 or 24 points.

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The 8th, we love it!

December 2021 Scramble

What a beautiful day, the first decent day in some time. Dave, Brian and John had a superb round with 5 birdies and 10 pars gross. Well done. Team Points Dave Aitken, Brian Duguid & John Lynch 39 Jackie Duguid, Ian McCulloch, Ian McIlvenna & Rex Dressler 37 Wave Tyrrell, Dave Nielsen & Brian Porteous 36 Marena McClymont, Erica Porteous, Elena Rogers & Janette Davidson 35 Ronnie Ritchie, Terry haine &, Stuart Rhodes 35

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Seniors League 4:2021

What a day with a heavy frost, sub zero temperatures and a beautiful sky. Six players scored 30 or more points in really difficult conditions. Congratulations to Jackie with 34 points. Terry clinched second place with a better inward half from Ronnie on 31 points. The first hole in one that I can remember being scored in the Seniors was achieved by Ian at the seventh second time round.

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Away Day at Southerness

Congratulations to Elizabeth on her first time playing the course with 39 points and to Janette with 36. Thanks to Les and Elena for organising our outing to Southerness for the first round of the 36 hole trophy. The weather forecast was for light rain. All togged up to meet the elements but the weather improved so rapidly that players were soon pealing off.  The wind dropped and scores were noticeably better for the second half. Player Points Elizabeth Kelly 39 Janette Davidson 36 John Lynch 35 Marina McClymont 33 Dave Nielsen 32 Les Rogers 31 Erica Porteous 31 Brian…

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Seniors Scramble November 2021

18 players took part in our first scramble of the season. It was played in the Florida format. Three of the five teams went round in the 55 shot par - pretty good scoring on pleasant autumn day. Congratulation to Dave Nielsen, Brian Duguid and Ian McIlvenna on winning the day with a net 45. Team Gross Score Net Score Dave Nielsen, Brian Duguid & Ian McIlvenna 55 45 John Lynch, Ronnie Ritchie, Erica Porteous & Mike Jackson 55 46 Wave Tyrrell, Terry Haine, Elena Rogers & Rex Dressler 55 47 Dave Aitken, Brian Porteous,, Ian McCulloch & Jackie Duguid…

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Away Day at Kirkcudbright

Ten golfers took part in our first away day of the season. The fixture had been postponed from the previous week on account of a spell of heavy rain. In consequence only 16 holes were playable this time and the first green was on a temporary. The day was declared a fun day. Congratulations to Brian Duguid on scoring 28 points, really good given the conditions. Player Points Brian Duguid 28 Terry Haine 27 Dave Aitken 25 Brian Porteous 25 Dave Nielsen 23 Erica Porteous 23 Wave Tyrrell 23 Ronnie Ritchie 20 Jackie Duguid 10 Nigel Sanders ??

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Seniors League 1:2021

A glorious day started with a frost. Frosts have been few up to now. 17 players took part in the first league of the season. Winner on the day was Wave Tyrrell with 31 points achieving a handicap cut of 2 shots. Brian Duguid came second with a better inward half of 14 from Terry Haine on 29 points. Player Points Wave Tyrrell 31 Brian Duguid 29 bih 14 Terry Haine 29 bih 13 Janette Davidson 26 Dave Aitken 26 Elena Rogers 25 Elizabeth Kelly 24 Ronnie Ritchie 24 Les Rogers 24 Ian McIlvenna 24 Ian Brown 23 Jackie Duguid…

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Wetter than Miri itself.

Roddy Hermon Cup

Roddy Hermon Cup 2021 Congratulations to Brian Duguid with a commanding 36 points leaving all and sundry in his trail. The competition got the season off to a fine start with a slight hint of rain.There was some discussion on how scores were recorded and the stroke index to be used in the change to the red tees. It is clear from this event that the pars and stroke indexes shown on the 15 hole card be used. Those are the values to hand. The men should score pars and stroke indexes for men and the ladies similarly the ladies…

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Closing Day 2021

Closing Day 2021 7 Teams took part in The Texas Scramble for The Knocknalling Cup.The winners were Dick Tulloch, Fiona McQueen & Brian Porteous  (l to r in photo) an impressive 66 gross less 15, nett 51.The team has a 2 at the 367 yard 17th hole, with Dick holing the second shot.

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