Ladies – big catch up

A few outstanding results to post... 19th May Stableford Sweep Lizzie 38 points Gill 37 points Fiona 34 points No twos.   26th May Extra May Medal max score (18 holes) Janette (56) Fiona (70) Gill (71) Twos: Janette at 4th and 16th 👍 Terrific round there 😀   26th May Extra May Medal max score (9 holes) Sandra (42)   2nd June - Max Score Medal (18 holes) Erica (68) Elena (70) Fiona (74) Twos: Anne on 13th and Janette on 16th 👏   9th June - McEwan Cup Janette (67) Fiona (69) Annie (71)   16th June -…

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A Cup & A Putter

The next two competitions were quite different formats...   May 5th: Wass Cup The first Club Championship Qualifier so scary, old strokeplay!   Plenty of sunshine and I must admit to loving the lovely fluffy clouds floating around...     Marena nails a long putt on the 3rd like a pro...         Results Lizzie gross 90/net 58 Marena gross 90/net 73 Fiona gross 109/net 75 A spectacular score from Lizzie which I believe sets a new club net Ladies record. Surely a cut beckons! Big ups to Annie for the only 2 of the day at the 4th.…

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Top Prize

April part 2: Heroic Stableford & Stableford Sweep

17th April - Heroic Stableford A bit of (extra) fun this week with a new format - a Heroic Stableford. The idea was to encourage 'adventurous' play by rewarding low scores and not penalising non-optimal scores. You scored as follows: Net score: Eagle 15 points, Birdie 8 points, Par 3 points, Bogey 1 point, Double bogey or higher 0 points Loch Sparkly Some terrific approach shots...   And...   Results Once I'd done some arithmetic, we ended up with a very clear winner who had a brilliant round to take the victory by 18 clear points... Linda 73 points Fiona 55 points Annie 54…

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April part 1: Stringball, Opening Day & April Medal

Sat 3rd April Stringball Eleven golfers turned out today for the 2021 Stringball challenge.   You get a length of string proportional to your handicap to use anywhere on the course to move the ball. Larks and japes!     Perfect example of dead weight putting from Lizzie...!       Fiona struck her way round the course beautifully, hardly bothering with the string...   After a lot of maths, we had the following scores... Results Fiona net score 55.6 Lizzie 60.3 Gill 60.6 Well done Fiona, a resounding victory. And back to the clubhouse for the absolutely scrumptious Viennese…

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Ladies Mad March catch-up

20th March Medal (max score) A beautiful day for the March medal and 8 of us went out to play. We played golf. Some more successfully than others! Then we ate cake... Results Fiona net 74 Marena net 75 Gill net 77 Also worth mentioning that Kay scored a 2 at the 13th 👍   28th March Charity Cup (stableford) Eight golfers out in the sun today.   Lovely approach shot on the 2nd from whoever was using the 'football' ball (I think Lizzie?) I thought I played a bit funny -  everything felt a bit off. Later on when…

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Winter League 13th March & wrap up

13th March - Winter League 9 holes There's rain in them thar hills.   The weather wasn't kind to us so we settled for a 9 hole format to wrap up the 2020-2021 Winter League Competition - which comprised 13 weeks of wintry competition this season. We had 7 players turn out for the fun and games.   A terrific performance in variable (!) conditions gave Janette a great victory, one point ahead of Erica and Elizabeth in joint 2nd. Also a mention is due to Elena who got the only 2 of the day at the 4th (the celebrations…

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Ladies – May Medal

A respectable turnout of 9 golfers for the final Saturday fixture of the autumn-spring season - the May medal.   We held a maximum score medal to get us back into the swing of competitions. And more practice with our WHS calculations...the gift that keeps on giving. Conditions were mostly pretty good, though it got a wee bit chilly and showery near the end.   We had our first two in a while... step forward for applause: Annie on the 4th. Erica will be paying a visit soon with one of those briefcases  you padlock to your wrist! There were…

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Ladies Winter League 27 Feb & 6 Mar

Two weeks of glory to catch up on... First up 27th February, where 6 of us trooped out to do Winter League battle. After a long gap, someone finally got a two! Hurrah for Elizabeth. And hopefully she returns from the Caribbean in time for our next fixture <joke obvs> Both Elena and Elizabeth had terrific blob-free rounds. But with her two for (sit down) FIVE points, Elizabeth ran out a clear winner. Very well done. Elizabeth 33 points Elena 28 points Janette 27 points Today we had a great turnout with 9 golfers out for Winter League. And conditions…

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Driving contest?

Ladies Winter League Feb 6th

Well, since the last post before Christmas, there's been a whole two, count 'em, TWO who Winter League fixtures played (thanks to the ongoing freeeeeezing conditions which mean that most of January was a write-off in golfing terms). Saturday January 30th I wasn't out there myself so no photographs I'm afraid. No twos to report but there were some fine scores carded: 1st Annie 30 points 2nd Fiona 29 points 3rd= Kay 25 points 3rd= Janette 25 points It was tough luck on the following two ladies who were only a point or two behind the top of the scoreboard.…

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Ladies Catch Up

Hello, I'm freshly-emerged from the black hole known as WHS. Is it still 2020? Oh, I missed some weather! It appears I've missed a few write-ups. Here's a quick catch-up... Winter League 28th Nov It was wet on the course, but dazzlingly bright. We scooted round for 15 sunny holes. Some excellent scoring resulted in: Elizabeth 35 points Fiona 34 points squint and you'll see me in the distance...Gill 29 points No 2's to report. But some rather nice crunchy, oaty biscuits: December Medals 5th Dec (9&18 hole varieties) Playing the front half with Kay, we chose out festive theme of…

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