Ladies – social sweep

It was just a bit too dreich and blustery to entertain the thought of 18 long holes. Especially with the forecast so poor. So all six intrepid golfers headed out instead of a quick social sweep over 9 holes.

Heigh, ho, heigh ho, it’s off to golf we go…


It was windy and rainy all the way round. Fortunately, we’re all nails so there was hardly any whining to be heard. Mainly because we had so many layers of hats on.

Gusty on the third. Because it’s not a hard enough hole anyway.


Nobody made it round blob-free. But a creditable three of us managed to hold it down to a single blip.

Oh dear. Not really the recommended rote to the 6th green. But surprisingly not where I earned my doughnut.



On a few tees, the odd golfer was blown off-balance by the gusts. But we soldiered on…

Looking less tipsy than last week. A fine, upstanding bench.


We scooted round at a fair lick and got back to the clubhouse to the delightful sight of fresh muffins courtesy of Gerry. How kind!

Banana, maple syrup & walnut muffins still hot from the oven…

New Galloway Golf Club
Yum (so I am informed. Walnut alert!)


On the drookit scorecards, it appeared to be a tie between Elena & me for top spot.

Next week, we’ll try the medal again and hope the weather is kinder to us.