1. Out of Bounds:
    1. Beyond the outer edge of any fence, wall or gate bounding the course.
    2. The car park, paths and flower beds by the Clubhouse.
  2. The dykes crossing the 3rd and 5th holes are integral parts of the course. Free Relief is not permitted.
  3. Abnormal Ground Conditions :- Immoveable Obstructions
    1. Seats, Steps, Distance Markers, Marker Poles and Course Furniture. The Practice net, Tractor Shed and its adjacent slopes, Embedded stones or rocks in the general area. The drain and tank cover on the first fairway.
    2. Pathways surfaced with gravel, stone, concrete or the like.
    3. Staked trees and trees protected by netting or shelters and relief must be taken to avoid likely damage.

Relief is permitted under Rule 16.1 without penalty (within one club length of the nearest point of complete relief no nearer the hole)

  1. Abnormal Ground Conditions:- Ground Under Repair :-
    1. Any area on the course outlined in white or marked as “Ground Under Repair” which are No Play Zones.
    2. Tractor wheel marks on closely mown areas.
    3. Areas of damage caused by rabbits or badgers when it effects the lie of the ball.

    Relief is permitted under Rule 16.1 without penalty

  1. A ball finishing on a wrong green including the practice putting green must be lifted and dropped in accordance with Rule 13.1f
  2. Aeration Holes A ball coming to rest on an aeration hole on greens may be placed at the nearest spot, not nearer the hole, which avoids the situation
  3. When playing the 3rd hole any ball a ball striking the marker pole at the 8th green or the marker pole on the mound in front of the 3rd green must be played from where it finishes.
  4. A ball finishing between the back edge of the 7th tee and the boundary wall may be declared unplayable and dropped in the dropping zone next to the 7th tee under penalty of one stroke.
  5. Preferred lies: During the period from 1st November to 30th April a ball lying on any closely mown area in the general area may, without penalty, be moved or lifted, cleaned and placed within 6 inches of where it originally lay, but no nearer the hole. The ball is in play after it has been replaced.

NOTE: “Closely mown area” for the purpose of these Local Rules means any area of the course, including paths through the rough, cut to fairway height or less.