Seniors League 6:2022

Seniors League 6:2022 Eleven players set out with not much enthusiasm on a dismal misty day. Some made excuses not to play. Surprisingly no one had a soaking. Congratulations to Erica for a fine 33 points followed by Dave and Ashley on 30 points, Dave claiming second with a better inward half.Next week will be a Texas Scramble Player Stableford Points Points Erica Porteous 33 10 Dave Aitken 30 9 Ashley Turgoose 30 9 Ronnie Ritchie 28 7 Wave Tyrrell 27 6 Ian McCulloch 26 5 Rex Dressler 25 4 Brian Duguid 24 3 Brian Porteous 24 3 Jackie Duguid…

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The best-laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley, An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, For promis’d joy!

Seniors League 5:2022

Seniors League 5:2022 Ten players took the field this Friday following heavy rains on Thursday. It was a fine morning with an unexpected shower half way round.Dave Aitken returned from holidays to take the park by storm with a superb 34 points. He was followed by the heir apparent champion Ashley with 32 points.  Player Stableford Points Points Dave Aitken 34 10 Ashley Turgoose 32 9 Wave Tyrrell 31 8 Janette 28 7 Tery Haine 27 6 Brian Duguid 22 5 Brian Porteous 22 5 Derek Shipley 21 3 Jackie Duguid 20 2 Ian Mc Culloch 19 1

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Third Green

Seniors Scramble

Ten players turned up on a rainy morning. It was decided to play a 9 Hole Scramble with the forecast of rain. Surprisingly we completed the shortened round  in the dry. TeamElizabeth, Janette, Ashley & WaveTerry, Ian & JackieBrian, Ronnie & EricaFirst434Second444Third555Fourth233Fifth554Sixth444Seventh344Eight455Ninth434Total353637Nett3233349 Hole Scramble

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Seniors League 4:2022

Ten players turned up to play despite the unwelcome weather forecast. Ashley assured all that there would not be any rain and we took his advise much to our regret. It has been a miserable spell of wet weather. Congratulation to Ashley on winning with 34 points have battled for the extra point on the last hole by trudging back up to the tee having not found his ball to score a point with a 7. Elizabeth, Erica and Ronnie scored 29 points, no mean feat in the conditions, Elizabeth taking second place with 14 points on the inward half.…

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Beyootifoool views!

Seniors Scramble Nov 22

Seniors Scramble Nov 22 Well done John, Erica, Ian McCulloch and Derek with a gross 58 net 54.2. Team Gross Handicap Net Score John, Erica, Ian McCulloch & Derek 58 3.8 54.2 Dave, Elizabeth & Terry 61 5.9 55.1 Brian Porteous, Janette & Rex 61 5.6 55.4 Les & Elena Rogers and Jackiep 69 5.5 63.5

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On the 4th

Seniors League 2:2022

Eight players turned up with a hope of taking to the course after heavy overnight rain. The rain stopped and out we went. The rain returned after 12 holes. Winner on the day was Wave with a superb 35 points followed by Ashley with 30 points. Player Stableford Points Points Wave Tyrrell 35 10 Ashley Turgoose 30 9 Elizabeth Kelley 29 8 Brian Porteous 28 7 Ronnie Ritchie 28 7 Erica Porteous 25 5 Elena Rogers 23 4 Brian Duguid 22 3

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Seniors League 1:2022

Congratulations to Brian Duguid on winning the first Seniors league with 31 points with a better inward half 16 than Terry Haine. In third place was Ashley Turgoose with 30 points with a better inward half 16 from Erica Porteous who had a preposterous 21 points for the first half of eight holes. Prizes go to Brian & Ashley. The game was played in thick misty conditions rewarding those who hit a straight ball. The greens held the heavy dew through the whole morning.

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Big skies golf

AGM 2022 and 9 Hole Sweep

Our AGM held in the clubhouse was attended by 15 players. Nine players took to the field after a short shower and the 9 hole round finished as the rain started again. Dave Aitken in a purple patch won with 20 points. Ronnie 18 Rex 16 Terry 15 Derek 14 Wave 12 John 11 Ian McCulloch 9 Ashley 8  

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Roddie Hermon Cup 2022

It was great to see Derek grace the fairways of New Galloway. Congratulation to Terry on winning the 2022 Roddie Hermon Cup with 31 points. He was closely followed by Brain Duguid, last years winner, and Ronnie Ritchie. It was a bright sunny September day where good scoring should have been the norm. It was the number of blobs that featured. Player Points Terry Haine 31 Brian Duguid 30 Ronnie Ritchie 30 Brian Porteous 29 Dave Aitken 28 Wave Tyrrell 26 Elizabeth Kelly 26 Ian McCulloch 24 John Lynch 24 Janette Davidson 22 Ian McIlvenna 20 Erica Porteous 19 Derek…

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Senior v Kirkcudbright EGGS

Match v Kirkcudbright EGGS The match took place on Monday 26 September at Kirkcudbright on a fine day. The course was in tremendous condition and the greens fast. It was not a good day for our team as we lost 4 matches and halved 2 Alan Breckenridge & Willie Watson v Ewan Kelly & Nevile White Kbt Win 1Up Steve Grome & Tim Jackson v Dave Aitken & Wave Tyrrell Half Colin Kennedy & Wion Jamieson v Brian Duguid & Dave Nielsen Kbt Win 3&2 Barry Stryjewski & Iain Proudfoot v Ian McCulloch & John Lynch Kbt Win 5&4 Andy…

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