Seniors 18 Hole Trophy

The 18 Hole trophy was played at Wigtownshire County on 7th March on a bright and very windy day. 12 players took part with Brian Duguid and Terry tying not for the first time. Both scored 36 days where it was real struggle to reach the greens in regulation on the outward half. The each scored 15 points on the way out and 21 on the return. Brian inward half was 18/13/7 compared with Terry 11/13/6.

1Brian Duguid36 last 3 holes
2Terry haine36
3Jeff Sutcliffe33
4Ashley Turgoose31
5Ian McCulloch31
6Nevile White31
7Dave Nielsen30
8Dave Aitken28
9Wave Tyrrell25
10Ronnie Ritchie25
11Mark Evans25
12John Crallan17