Ladies Winter League & Not-The-Xmas-Lunch

A terrific turn out for today’s golf  – there were ten players champing at the bit to get a round in.

“I pictured you in the sun”


And there was an even better turnout for Not-the-Xmas-lunch as a couple of currently non-playing members joined us for the feast.

“Yeah, they were all yellow”


It was great to see a few regulars who were able to join us after a few weeks off. And there wasn’t much rustiness on view. Anne got off to a terrific start with a 4 at the first. Annie had a steady round with 8 net pars and two net birdies to finish up in third spot. Elena tallied up an impressive blob-free round to grab herself second place.

“In a haze, a stormy haze”


But nobody could get near this year’s most consistent Winter Leaguer – Erica. She scored the only other blob-free round of the day in the process of amassing a brilliant 32 points.

“Yeah, the spotlight shines upon you”


As the rest of us will testify, conditions weren’t easy and this was a terrific round from Erica. It as her 7th win from 10 Winter League entries this year and her 4th on the trot! She’s now wrested the sole top spot on the Winter League back from me (to be fair, I only got the lead back a few weeks ago when I played and Erica didn’t!)

Back to the proper golfing and a particular highlight of Erica’s tremendous card was a 5 for FOUR on the 14th. Very nicely done.

There was no two’s glory this week. I understand Kay had a few tickles but decided to let the jackpot rollover to make it a more worthwhile prize(!)

“when I’m near…”


More Winter League frolics up next week.


And for no prize…all the captions are lyrics from which band?