Ladies Winter League – And then there were five

A balmy 19 degrees in New Galloway today…delicious for golf…

Not at all evil under the sun!

………aye, right! 19 degrees fahrenheit maybe…aka 7 degrees celsius.

Not warm.

Nor very dry either, as you can see from my gloves after a 9 hole round…

Taken at the flood?

And a touch breezy…the fourth green isn’t usually the windiest place on the course.

It’s murder on the links?

So five of us  saw the rain lessen and thought ‘it’ll be fine, let’s go out’. Needless to say, it deteriorated quickly and stayed grim until we got back to the clubhouse. Luckily we’d only committed to a quick 9 holes.

There will be few photos. Although my camera is waterproof, the scorecard sharing the pocket on my bag wasn’t. And it was, frankly, too unpleasant to faff around taking photos.

On the second (yearning for the clubhouse already) Erica had a lovely chip in. As per usual, I was miles right. Why, oh why, do I *never* learn? I blame the wind this week.

The Golden Ball

By the 4th, even Kay who is usually willing to tramp up and down hills in all sorts of weather was looking less than delighted.

Our core body temperature heads Towards Zero

The traditional view over the loch was surprisingly clear…

While the light lasts

Noteworthy scores from our group included Kay getting a 5 for 3 on the third on her way to a cunningly blob-free round. Erica scored a delightful 4 for 3 at the second with a great putt. I also managed a 4 for 3 on the second thanks to a reasonable chip down (from the RIGHT obviously, I have so *much* practice from there it’s not a surprise frankly).

The other group must have set a new land speed record the speed they played at. We barely glimpsed on the course! From the scorecard, Elena had a varied round, with a couple of blips, but also a couple of 3’s and many 2’s. Marena logged the only other blob-free round of the day with some very steady scoring.

This resulted in a three-way tie in first place:

1st = Kay (15 points)

1st = Elena (15 points)

1st = Marena (15 points)

(Edit: mistakenly put them up as 12 points each – was in fact 15. D’oh!)

Very well done on those scores in the, ahem, less than ideal conditions.

Back to the clubhouse to dry out over lunch.

Weather permitting, we have 5 more Winter League fixtures to go. This results put the cat among the pigeons a bit – there’s only 5 points in it at the top of the table…