Ladies Jan medal

Golf – A Haiku

Gusty break of day
A better, rainy golf swirls
watching the mince pie

(thanks to the Haiku generator – click here)

Or in plain English? …

The weather wasn’t great.  Not as bad as I’ve seen but not pleasant either:

8th flag

I was willing to go out. Mainly thanks to the lingering effects of my most recent audiobook ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ by a ridiculously hard-core former Navy Seal and ultra-athlete. If you feel you need some gung-ho-up-and-at-’em in your life – this is definitely the book for you! Click here for details


But I was out-voted by wiser heads on safety grounds (real risk of falling branches and lethally, slippy slopes). Instead, we did the chores, drank tea/coffee and ate mince pies.
It wasn’t all bad then!