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Driving contest?

Ladies Winter League Feb 6th

Well, since the last post before Christmas, there's been a whole two, count 'em, TWO who Winter League fixtures played (thanks to the ongoing freeeeeezing conditions which mean that most of January was a write-off in golfing terms). Saturday January 30th I wasn't out there myself so no photographs I'm afraid. No twos to report but there were some fine scores carded: 1st Annie 30 points 2nd Fiona 29 points 3rd= Kay 25 points 3rd= Janette 25 points It was tough luck on the following two ladies who were only a point or two behind the top of the scoreboard.…

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8th flag

Seniors League 17/2021

Seniors League 17;2021 Back on the course again after a period of incessant rain. Playing in two's as per the latest Covid Guidelines. Winner was Rex with 32 points and in second place with 29 points was Ian Brown after many cuts in handicap. Is there no way of stopping him!

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Seniors Texas Scramble Christmas Eve 2020

Seniors Texas Scramble December 2020 What a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky for a Scramble. The lethal team of Donald, the two Brians and Erica won with nearly a two shot lead. Well Done Team Score Donald, Brian Porteous, Brian Duguid & Erica 48.4 Derek, FinlayThorburn , Ronnie, & Alan Thorburn 50.3 Les, Dave Nielsen, Dave Aitken & Marena 51.5 Gill, Rex, , Terry & Ian Brown 53.8

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Ladies Catch Up

Hello, I'm freshly-emerged from the black hole known as WHS. Is it still 2020? Oh, I missed some weather! It appears I've missed a few write-ups. Here's a quick catch-up... Winter League 28th Nov It was wet on the course, but dazzlingly bright. We scooted round for 15 sunny holes. Some excellent scoring resulted in: Elizabeth 35 points Fiona 34 points squint and you'll see me in the distance...Gill 29 points No 2's to report. But some rather nice crunchy, oaty biscuits: December Medals 5th Dec (9&18 hole varieties) Playing the front half with Kay, we chose out festive theme of…

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Marena's 2nd on the 17th

Seniors league 12:2020

Seniors League 12:2020 Well WELL, Ian has won again this week with one better that last weeks 32 points and now to play off 2 handicap. A superb round of 50, one under par 56 gross. Donald came second on  30 points with Rex and Dave Nielsen tying for third place on 29 points Player Stableford Points Ian Brown 33 Donald Hendry 30 Rex Dressler 29 Dave Nielsen 29 Elena Rogers 28 Brian Duguid 28 Terry Haine 27 Dave Aitken 27 Marina McClymont 25 Brian Porteous 23 Ronnie Ritchie 21 Derek Shipley 19 Jannette Davidson 19 Erica Porteous 18 Jackie…

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Chip Ahoy!

Seniors League 11:2020

Seniors League 11:2020 Ian Brown had a fine round with 32 points, 4 ahead of the field. Three players tied for second place. Rex Dressler had the better inward half with 15 points. Donald and John both had 12 points for their inward halves, Donald edging it with the Better inward 6 holes. Player Stableford Points Ian Brown 32 Rex Dressler 28 (15 back 7) Donald Hendry 28 (12 back 6) John Lynch 28 (9 back 6) Dave Nielsen 27 Gill Warnock 26 Marina McClymont 26 John Crallan 25 Brian Duguid 25 Terry Haine 24 Jannette Davidson 24 Brian Porteous…

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Seniors league 9:2020

Seniors League 9:2020 The scores were pretty good for a fine sunny December day. Congratulation to Dave Aitken who scored 36 points but he needs to learn to add up as he had 34 points on his card. Gill Warnock on her debut scored a fine 33 points followed by Ian Brown and Stuart Rhodes on 31 points Player Stableford Points Dave Aitken 36 Gill Warnock 33 Stuart Rhodes 31 Ian Brown 31 Brian Duguid 30 Les Rogers 29 Donald Hendry 29 Elena Rogers 28 Terry Haine 28 Ronnie Ritchie 27 Brian Porteous 25 Dave Nielsen 24 Marina McClymont 24…

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Loch Practice

Seniors Texas Scramble November 2020

Seniors Texas Scramble November 2020 The forecast was for a bright sunny day. It turned out to be misty and cold with frost lying on the ground. The scramble was played off level and each player had to drive at at least 3 holes. Dave Aitken, Terry, John Crallan and Janette won by a whisker. Team Score Dave Aitken, Terry Haine, John Crallan and Janette 52 (28 & 24) Dave Nielsen, Ronnie, Les Rogers & Erica 52 ( 27 & 25) Donald, John Lynch & Marena 54 Ian Brown, Brian Porteous, Rex & Jackie 56 Wave, Derek & Elena 59

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Ladies Winter League 21/11/20

Plenty of overnight rain to soften up the course for this week's Winter League. As they mentioned once or twice on the Masters commentary, it'll be like throwing darts at a dartboard(!) Expecting a mud bath, we restricted ourselves to 9 holes despite the sunshine.   Three groups of golfers skidded up the hill to compete for this week's Winter League.   The golf was steady in our group. With a particularly fine chip down the 9th by Erica...   No twos to report from the day's play, but some fine scoring. Marena led the way with a terrific 18…

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Chris' second shot on 8th

Seniors league 8:2020

Seniors League 8:2020 Ian Brown won with 33 points, one more than on his card as he omitted to take into account his shot on the final hole for a  4 pointer birdie 3 to clinch the competition. Jannette in second place is setting quite a standard is in the overall lead. It was nice to see Terry up to his old standard. Stuart in fourth position needs to add up all the points on the card. Player Stableford Points Ian Brown 33 Jannette Davidson 32 bih 14 Terry Haine 32 ih 13 Stuart Rhodes 30 Jackie Duguid 28 Dave…

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