Seniors League 6:2020

Seniors League 6:2020 Crickie there is life in the old dog still. Well done Derek and a TWO shot reduction in Handicap. Brian is playing well and came second. Player Stableford Points Derek Shipley 34 Brian Duguid 32 Jannette Davidson 31 Dave Aitken 31 Donald Hendry 30 Ronnie Ritchie 30 John Lynch 29 Stuart Rhodes 28 Dave Nielsen 27 Rex Dressler 27 John Crallan 26 Terry Haine 25 Ian McCulloch 25 Jackie Duguid 25 Brian Porteous 24 Erica Porteous 24 Mike Jackson 14

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Third Green

Seniors league 3:2020

Congratulations to Rex on a fine win of 36 points, 3 more than he put on his card. Well done Erica. The results so far seem to indicate that the new handicapping system is spreading the honours. Player Stableford Points Rex Dressler 36 Erica Porteous 31 Ian Brown 31 Dave Nielsen 30 Derek Shipley 29 Stuart Rhodes 27 Marena McClymont 27 Jannette Davidson 26 John Crallan 26 Jackie Duguid 26 Elena Rogers 26 Terry Haine 25 Brian Duguid 23 Dave Aitken 23 Brian Porteous 23 Ronnie Ritchie 19 Mike Jackson 17 Ian McCulloch 16

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First Yellow Tee

Seniors Texas October 2020

Seniors Teas Scramble October 2020 Congratulations to the best team on another fairly dry October Thursday. Team Handicap Gross Score Net Score Donald, Brian Porteous & Janette 5.1 54 48.9 Ian Brown, Rex & Mike 5.6 56 50.4 Dave Nielsen, Ian Mc Culloch & Erica 4.8 57 52.2 Dave Nielsen, Ian Mc Culloch & Erica 4.8 57 52.2 Brian Duguid, Marena & Les 4.6 57 52.4 Dave Aitken 4.5 57 52.5 Wave, Ronnie & Elena 4.5 59 54.5 Terry, Stuart & Jackie 5.7 62 56.3

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Seniors league 2:2020

Winner of the second Seniors League was a magnificent 36 points by Dave Nielsen on a beautiful day. Ronnie came second and Marena third. Player Stableford Points Dave Nielsen 36 Ronnie Ritchie 31 Marena McClymont 30 Jannette davidson 29 Rex Dressler 29 John Lynch 28 Ian McCulloch 27 Donald Hendry 27 Dave Aitken 26 Linda Brown 26 Brian Porteous 26 Erica Porteous 26 Brian Duguid 25 Derek Shipley 24 Ian Brown 24 Wave Tyrrell 24 Terry Haine 23 Jackie Duguid 18

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Seniors League 1:2020

Seniors League 1:2020 19 players took part on a glorious day. Donald Hendry got off to an excellent start with 33 points followed by Brian Duguid on 31 points. Wave Tyrrell & Jannette Davidson came in with 30 points. Player Stableford Points Donald Hendry 33 Brain Duguid 31 Wave Tyrrell 30 Jannette davidson 30 Ian Brown 29 Dave Nielsen 28 Terry Haine 28 Brian Porteous 27 Ian McCulloch 27 Elena Rogers 27 John Crallan 26 Jackie Duguid 26 Marena McClymont 25 Erica Porteous 24 Ronnie Ritchie 23 Derek Shipley 22 Les Rogers 21 Linda Brown 17 Mike Jackson 15

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Roddy Hermon Cup 2020

21 players took the field. The winner was Ronnie Ritchie with 33 points. Stuart Rhodes second with 32 points and Donald Hendry third with 31 points. Player Stableford Points Ronnie Ritchie 33 Stuart Rhodes 32 Donald Hendry 31 Brian Duguid 28 Elena Rogers 28 Marena McClymont 27 Dave Aitken 26 Terry Haine 26 Wave Tyrrell 26 Ian McCulloch 25 Les Rogers 24 Erica Porteous 24 Brian porteous 24 Derek Shipley 24 Rex Dressler 24 John Lynch 24 John Crallan 23 Ian Brown 19 Jackie Duguid 18 Mike Jackson 17 Marena McClymont 15

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Course Closed

The Course is Closed due to COVID-19 Scottish Golf is taking the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) extremely seriously. Our number one priority remains the safety and wellbeing of our community of golfers, clubs, volunteers and staff, ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy our great sport in a safe environment.   In relation to public gatherings, please click here to access the latest Scottish Government advice which Scottish Golf has received today.  We have been asked by clubs about potential financial assistance from Government in light of announcements made last week. At present, the Government have asked that you click here…

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Seniors 18 Hole Trophy 2020

Fifteen golfer played for the 18 Hole Trophy at Glenluce. The day started with an unexpected shower of rain and then turned out to be a rather fine day. Winner on the day was Wave Tyrrell with 36 points with a better inward half from Ian Brown. The competition brought a premature end to the season on account of the Coronavirus. The competition was played with gimmies to avoid touching flag sticks. The remaining fixtures were cancelled; the second round of the 36 Hole Trophy, the Alan Walker Trophy and the final Winter League and lunch. Winner of the Winter…

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Muffins still hot from the oven. Delish.

Ladies – social sweep

It was just a bit too dreich and blustery to entertain the thought of 18 long holes. Especially with the forecast so poor. So all six intrepid golfers headed out instead of a quick social sweep over 9 holes.   It was windy and rainy all the way round. Fortunately, we're all nails so there was hardly any whining to be heard. Mainly because we had so many layers of hats on.   Nobody made it round blob-free. But a creditable three of us managed to hold it down to a single blip.     On a few tees, the…

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