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Ladies Winter League – 29th Feb

  After storms Ciara and Dennis put the kibosh on the last two weeks' play, we were all suffering rather badly from cabin fever. Luckily Storm Jorge was considerate enough to delay his arrival long enough to let us set out for some fresh air. Full disclosure: I wasn't keen having walked up and aquaplaned across - sorry- inspected the first green. But I got run over in the stampede of players who headed for the first tee in eager anticipation. Who was I to argue? So seven, stir-crazy golfers set out in the dazzling sunshine to do battle for…

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February 2020 Newsletter

With the present wind and rain it may not seem like it but the new 2020 season is fast approaching. The opening day of the season is Sunday 22nd March when the Captain's Team plays the Vice Captain's team in a match play Texas Scramble. This is followed by hot soup in the clubhouse. The entry sheets for the day are presently in the changing rooms or alternatively you can e-mail me and I will add your name to the list. A draw will be e-mailed to those taking part on the Thursday before. The ladies are currently organising a…

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Ladies February Medal

The weather had improved markedly since last week, despite the horrific forecast. We had 7 golfers line up for the February Medal.   Marena & I set off as the second pair behind Erica & Elena. Janette, Linda & Anne brought up the rear (not a euphemism).   We both managed to stonk our drives up to summerish distance!   And a couple of actual par 4s set us up nicely on the first hole. Ahead of us Elena had also started with a lovely wee 4. The wind was pretty gusty which made club choice interesting (ie a lottery!)…

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While the light lasts

Ladies Winter League – And then there were five

A balmy 19 degrees in New Galloway today...delicious for golf... .........aye, right! 19 degrees fahrenheit maybe...aka 7 degrees celsius. Not warm. Nor very dry either, as you can see from my gloves after a 9 hole round... And a touch breezy...the fourth green isn't usually the windiest place on the course. So five of us  saw the rain lessen and thought 'it'll be fine, let's go out'. Needless to say, it deteriorated quickly and stayed grim until we got back to the clubhouse. Luckily we'd only committed to a quick 9 holes. There will be few photos. Although my camera…

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O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us To see oursels as others see us!

Ladies Winter League – Burns Day!

Let me assure you that the late arrival of the blog is in no way a reflection of the magnificence of the golf played this week! Week 12 of the Winter League turned out to be a hotly contested affair. We had our closest result in a month. Six intrepid golfers headed up into the chill to do battle with the Winter League/the course/themselves...   The leading group made an excellent start with two 2's and a 3 on show. Proving to Linda it was worth it to run back to the clubhouse for her putter! It earned her the…

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Ladies Winter League & Not-The-Xmas-Lunch

A terrific turn out for today's golf  - there were ten players champing at the bit to get a round in.   And there was an even better turnout for Not-the-Xmas-lunch as a couple of currently non-playing members joined us for the feast.   It was great to see a few regulars who were able to join us after a few weeks off. And there wasn't much rustiness on view. Anne got off to a terrific start with a 4 at the first. Annie had a steady round with 8 net pars and two net birdies to finish up in…

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Ladies Jan medal

Golf - A Haiku Gusty break of day A better, rainy golf swirls watching the mince pie (thanks to the Haiku generator - click here) Or in plain English? ... The weather wasn't great.  Not as bad as I've seen but not pleasant either: I was willing to go out. Mainly thanks to the lingering effects of my most recent audiobook 'Can't Hurt Me' by a ridiculously hard-core former Navy Seal and ultra-athlete. If you feel you need some gung-ho-up-and-at-'em in your life - this is definitely the book for you! Click here for details   But I was out-voted…

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Ladies Winter League kicks off in 2020!

Plenty of that liquid sunshine on the course today. And six golfers turned out for our first Winter League competition of the New Year.   We set off in the second group under some glorious skies...     The course proved a bit challenging this week. So there were no blob-free rounds. Though Erica got within touching distance. She made it all the way to the 15th before having a minor blip. So consistent! There were some tremendous chips from our group... Kay into the 7th here...   Linda on the 8th...   Linda, again, chipping down to the 15th...…

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Ladies Winter League – farewell to 2019

We had a slightly dreich day for the last Winter League fixture of 2019. But five of us set out to do battle with the course.   The twosome set off first and I'm afraid I've no pictures of their match as we three dawdled round behind them out of range of my zoom lens. Looking at the scorecards they must have been on form. Erica scored the best half of the day (19 points!) and Sandra bagged <drum roll> a two. Very well done. I hope you all weren't too disturbed by the sound of her victory flight home…

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Loch Inthebleakmidwinter

Ladies Winter League – mince pies pt3

Festivities were in full swing today...     and despite the dank weather, we were determined to have some Winter League fun.   Only 3 hardened golfers were free to play this week, so we set off in one jolly group. Ho, ho, ho!   We got off to a steady start with actual pars scored on both the first two holes (me on the first and Erica on the second). As ever, the third wasn't giving up a par to ANYONE. Pah! But in the conditions we were happy with two 5's and a six. On the 4th, two's…

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