18 Hole Trophy at Glenluce March 2022

Congratulation to John Lynch on winning the 18 Hole Trophy at Glenluce with 37 points on a difficult day with misty rain from the early part of the round with a seaside breeze. He played some superb iron shots mid-way round. Ian McCulloch as our oldest member has to be admired for giving John a run for his money scoring 35 points with 20 gained on the second nine holes.
Condolences were expressed to Rex who could not be with us on the day.

Player Points
John Lynch 37
Ian McCulloch 35
Brian Duguid 35
Dave Aitken 33
Terry Haine 29
Janette Davidson 29
Wave Tyrrell 28
Brian Porteous 28
Ronnie Ritchie 28
Dave Nielsen 26
Erica Porteous 25
Stuart Rhodes 24
Elizabeth Kelly 23
Jackie Duguid No Return
Ian Brown No Return