Roddie Hermon Cup 2022

It was great to see Derek grace the fairways of New Galloway. Congratulation to Terry on winning the 2022 Roddie Hermon Cup with 31 points. He was closely followed by Brain Duguid, last years winner, and Ronnie Ritchie. It was a bright sunny September day where good scoring should have been the norm. It was the number of blobs that featured.

Player Points
Terry Haine 31
Brian Duguid 30
Ronnie Ritchie 30
Brian Porteous 29
Dave Aitken 28
Wave Tyrrell 26
Elizabeth Kelly 26
Ian McCulloch 24
John Lynch 24
Janette Davidson 22
Ian McIlvenna 20
Erica Porteous 19
Derek Shipley 19
Rex Dressler 17