Ladies Winter League kicks off in 2020!

Plenty of that liquid sunshine on the course today. And six golfers turned out for our first Winter League competition of the New Year.

Where troubles melt like lemon drops?


We set off in the second group under some glorious skies…



I can see clearly now


The course proved a bit challenging this week. So there were no blob-free rounds. Though Erica got within touching distance. She made it all the way to the 15th before having a minor blip. So consistent!

There were some tremendous chips from our group…

Kay into the 7th here…

I saw three chips


Linda on the 8th…

Short and sweet


Linda, again, chipping down to the 15th…



Even better (though sadly not caught on camera) was a spectacular two on the 10th.

Janette had driven the green. And the group were busy having laugh about how it was hardly worth winning the two’s this week. A brief aside: thanks to last week’s two’s winner Sandra for donating her mahoosive prize to the Captain’s Charity. A classy move 🙂

Back to the 10th…

Marena hadn’t reached the green. But she held her nerve and chipped her ball down and into the hole! Sadly Jeanette didn’t quite sink her putt. So she’d to settle for a 3 for 3. This left Marena with a 2 for 3 (not enough!) and all the two’s glory this week. Very well done.

Bereft of twos in our group, we were reduced to admiring the scenery…and one symmetrical tree in particular…

Fake plastic trees


…and the fungi…

Wild mushrooms


And something that had caught my eye sitting to the left of the path down from the 8th tee. The internet says maybe Tremella mesenterica (brain mushroom)?



I know you’re wondering about the lack of commentary on my round (!) Maybe because I was having a bit of a shocker I haven’t much to say apart from two highlights – both Seve-esque escapes from the gorse in front of the 6th green. For the first, my ball had made it half-way through the gorse to rest next to a three inch wide root. I took a  swift, careful, swipe with an iron – remembering my bruised hand from last week’s encounter with the rocks here. My ball shot out onto the green a few yards from the hole. A lucky putt saw me bag an entirely unlikely four.

Having learnt my lesson, I went a club up for my approach shot the second time round. I was feeling pretty smug about my course management skills. Right up to the point where I mis-hit it. It ran up and under the front of the gorse bushes to the left. Knowing I didn’t have a card to ruin, I went reckless again. I blew the cobwebs off my 4 iron and had a swipe. I somehow found the minuscule gap underneath the two gorse bushes in front of me to reach the green-side. This time it was an unlikely 5. I will *not* be trying anything like those shots next week with a medal card in my hand 😉

In proper golfer news, Kay managed to ignore my antics long enough to score an impressive 16 points on the front half. A great score in the smirr and gusts and muffled swearing. Linda also kept the heid and bagged herself four 3-pointers on the way round. Fabulous scoring there.

And Erica had the hole of the day with a 5 for 4 on the 14th. Superb.


The final standings:

1st: Erica 27 points

2nd: Kay 25 points

3rd: Marena 24 points


Back to the clubhouse for belated birthday cakes for Linda…

I’m loving angels instead




Next week, it’s January medal and the homage to Seve shots will definitely be staying in my imagination!


PS This week’s captions courtesy of song titles/lyrics